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Absentee Voting

If you find that you won't be around on election day, I can't stress enough how important it is to use an absentee ballot. Every voice counts in shaping our future, and every vote carries the weight of our shared hopes and dreams. By voting absentee, you ensure your voice is heard, no matter where you are. Make it count!


For detailed instructions and specifics, please see the information provided below.

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How to Apply for a 2023 Absentee Ballot:
A Simple Guide

Who Can Apply for an Absentee Ballot?

  • Each applicant must apply on their own.

  • Please remember that providing false information on an absentee ballot application, trying to submit an unlawful vote, or assisting someone else in doing so is a serious crime.


Special Instructions for Military and Overseas Voters:

  • If you or a family member are in the military, or if you're living abroad, please don't use the standard application.

  • Special regulations are available to you through the Federal Postcard Application (FPCA).

  • Want to know more about voting from abroad or while serving? Check out the Military and Federal Voting sections on this page.


Returning Your Application:

  • If you're personally handing in your absentee ballot application at the county board of elections, please do so by November 6, 2023.

  • If you're mailing your application, make sure it reaches the county board of elections by October 23, 2023.

  • Not sure where to send your application? Find your local election office on the New York State Board of Elections’ directory page.


Options for Voters with Illnesses or Disabilities:

  • Indicating a permanent illness or disability on your application means you'll automatically get a ballot for every eligible election, no need to reapply.

  • You can sign the application yourself or use a witnessed mark. Just remember, power of attorney signatures or printed name stamps aren't valid for voting purposes.


When to Expect Your Ballot:

  • Starting 46 days before any federal, state, county, city, or town election you're eligible for, your absentee ballot will be on its way.

  • Applied a bit late? No worries. Once your signed application is processed, your ballot will be mailed out pronto.

  • If you've mentioned specific dates in section 2 showing when you'll be away, you'll receive ballots for all relevant elections within that period.

  • If it's more convenient, you can also ask someone to collect your ballot for you. Just fill out sections 6 and/or 7 as needed.

  • Haven't gotten your ballot yet? Please contact your local county board of elections.

NYS Absentee Ballot Application 

To receive an absentee ballot: In-Person - Application must be personally delivered to your county board of elections not later than the day before the election. By Mail - Application must be received by your county board of elections not later than the 15th day before the election.

The ballot itself must either be personally delivered to the board of elections in your county no later than the close of polls on election day, or postmarked by a governmental postal service 

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